Why Shop LM

There are many who do what we do, but these are a few reasons we stand out

Humidity Check 

In order to avoid warping, cracking, and/or product alterations our barrels are dried to 15% humidity or less and our barrel heads to 9% humidity. This is critical to achieve life long products. 

Cleaned-Up Barrel Look

Not only to make our products look more elegant, but for the safety of others, our products are sanded heavily. There are no sharp corners or chance of splinters and the products are soft to the touch.

Eco-Friendly Sealer/Finish

For long lasting, durable products, we use the best sealer finish on the market. This sealer protects the wood from UV rays and any water it may encounter. Whether you want to enjoy your product inside or outside, we have you covered.

Attention to Detail

All products are crafted with care and caution, and the appropriate high quality hardware is used to suit your wants and needs. LM handcrafted design is a family oriented business that is centered on the satisfaction of customers and high quality products. We are focused on every small detail of our products and guarantee you will be satisfied. 

Custom Orders or Questions?

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